Obesity And Pregnancy What To Understand?

Obesity And Pregnancy

Obesity And Pregnancy do not define you but it exposes you to many health hazards. Someone having a BMI higher than 30 is categorized as obese. The problem of being overweight or obese and issues related to it has rapidly increased in the last few decades. Obesity And Pregnancy in pregnant women can lead to many complications. It imposes several difficulties for both mother and child. It is advised to eat healthy and nutritious food as opposed to empty calories of fast food and exercise to help the metabolism.
What are the possible complications?

Pregnancies, in general, can have many complications for various reasons. The possibility and the frequency of these difficulties increase if you are obese as it leads to various issues. Few of those areas listed below.

Gestational diabetes: This is a form of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy and may not stay continued after the child’s birth. But this condition can be fatal to both mother and the child and should be treated with proper care. It is important to do the necessary tests to identify it as soon as possible and get medical care in time.  buy abortion pills online for women in Texas to terminate pregnancy at early stage.

Higher blood pressure: It can decrease the blood flow to the placenta which likely causes less oxygen and nutrition supply to the fetus than requires for normal growth. This increases the possibility of premature birth and lowers birth weight.

Miscarriage: There are greater chances of miscarriage in obese women.

Heavier bleeding than normal after birth: This causes when the uterus does not contract enough after delivery. Excessive blood loss is called postpartum hemorrhage that can lower the blood pressure causing shock and in some cases death.

Longer labor: Longer labor increases the probability of needing a C-section.

What are the complications in pregnancy due to obesity?

There is a link between obesity and pregnancy as obesity during pregnancies also poses complications for the baby to be born. There are increased chances of the following;

Premature birth: This may be delivered before completion of the 37 weeks and this can adversely affect the survival of the baby at the birth as well as several health issues during the life span.

Lower birth weight: The baby may weigh lower than what is considered healthy at the time of birth. This baby is more likely to face high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease later in life.

Health issues in the future: Higher possibilities of heart issues and diabetes later in the life

Higher birth weight: This can bring complications in normal vaginal birth. The longer-than-usual labor may call for C-section to protect both mother and fetus. It can also cause health issues to the baby after birth.

Birth defects: Obese pregnant mothers are 37 percent more likely to have babies with birth defects. These defects are primarily associated with the heart and kidney but there are growing occurrences of defects with the brain and the nervous system these days. These may hinder and alter the function of essential organs like the heart and brain. This can profoundly affect the lifestyle of the child and limit certain abilities. It affects the overall health of the child throughout the lifespan.

When severe birth defects or difficulties that can be fatal to both mother-to-be and the fetus are identified during the pregnancy you can choose abortion. If you dread the surgery you can use a pregnancy calculator or ultrasound to figure out how far you are in gestation. If your pregnancy is less than 8 weeks old you can go for medical abortion or purchase abortion pill from online.

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