Mode of action of Misoprostol Pill:

Mifepristone and Misoprostol Pill  together bring about a complete abortion. The anti-progesterone primes the uterus and sensitizes the uterus to the actions of Misoprostol. This drug enhances uterine contractility and dilates the cervix. Increased contractions in the uterine lining force out the pregnancy contents. The relaxed cervix eases the expulsion of these through the vaginal opening. Misoprostol thus plays an important role in completing an abortion.

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Misoprostol can be taken both orally and vaginally. The dosage is 800mcg (i.e. 4 pills of 200mcg each). When taken vaginally, the pills must be inserted in the vagina one after the other and each one must be pushed as further as possible. The oral administration is through placing 2 pills in both the cheek pouches and allowing them to dissolve for 30mins. Any excess remains can be swallowed with water. Buy abortion pills online in Texas with express fast shipping

If you chose to consume the pills through the oral route, please be informed that vaginal administration is known to have higher efficiency.

Expected symptoms of Misoprostol Pill:

The expected and inevitable symptoms of Misoprostol include heavy bleeding and excessive cramping

Common side-effects of Misoprostol Pill:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Prolonged bleeding and cramping
  • Mild fever
  • Headache
  • Constipation/gas/other stomach problems


This medication cannot be recommended in the following cases

  • You are over 10 weeks into gestation.
  • You have been detected with an ectopic pregnancy.
  • You are allergic to the active/inactive components of the drug
  • You have chronic health conditions
  • You excessively consume tobacco and/or alcohol
  • You are under treatment for other diseases
  • You are a breastfeeding woman

If any of the symptoms are unmanageable, it should be considered a matter of immediate medical concern.


  • Kindly ensure that you aren’t allergic to the contents of the drug before you buy abortion pill.
  • This medication shouldn’t be used if you are diagnosed with an adnexal mass, chronic adrenal failure, coagulopathy, or other blood problems.
  • Medical abortion is only advised for an intrauterine pregnancy no longer than 10 weeks.
  • If you are consuming blood thinning medication or have any other blood-related disorders, consult a healthcare provider before taking the pills
  • Consider an expert opinion if you are a breastfeeding woman.
  • Also, inform a medical professional if you will be unavailable for a follow-up or have been prescribed other over-the-counter medications.
  • If an IUD is in place, it should be removed.

For further safety, quit smoking or drinking while in the abortive phase. In case of severe discomfort, visit a doctor to check for complications.

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