What is the Mode of action of Mifeprex:

The active ingredient in the Mifeprex pill works to competitively block the pregnancy-sustaining hormone progesterone. This natural female hormone maintains a certain level of uterine lining thickness to be able to support an implanted embryo. A suppressed action of it results in a loss of the excess thickness.

If at this stage, the embryo is already implanted, it is separated from the uterus too. However, just a disruption of the thickened lining and separation of the implanted embryo (or fetus) cannot be said a complete abortion. These contents need to be expelled out of the female body, a process that is aided by the aforementioned secondary medication.

How to consume the Mifeprex (Mifepristone) abortion pill?

On day one, 200mg of Mifeprex (Mifepristone) is taken orally with water. This is the only route of administration documented.

In 24-48hrs, it is to be followed by 800mcg of the secondary medication.

How effective is the abortion pill?

The Mifeprex abortion pill is 100% effective and safe. It enables women to have privacy and complete the process at home with effective results. Every woman who has done an abortion with Mifeprex has observed positive results and they have also recommended it to their friends and relatives who want to go for medical abortion and end their pregnancy in privacy. Buy abortion pills online in Texas with express fast shipping.

What are the Expected symptoms of the pill?

Most women see no symptoms after the intake of this drug. However, some may see mild bleeding with minimal cramping.

What are the common side effects of the pill?

Women who have blood disorders are advised not to take these pills. If you are unaware of any such condition and consume the pills, it may cause excessive bleeding that can only be stopped by a surgical procedure. Other common side effects include:

  • Mild cramping and vaginal bleeding
  • Fatigue and fever (with or without chills)
  • Nausea and dizziness (Usually last only during the regimen)
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Body aches

What should you know about Precautions after taking Mifeprex online?

  • Ensure that it hasn’t been over 56-60 days from your last menstrual period (LMP).
  • Confirm that your pregnancy is not developing outside the uterus (ectopic pregnancy).
  • You must not have blood-related troubles or chronic illnesses of the heart, lungs, or adrenal gland.
  • If you are being treated for another disease, you must consult a healthcare professional before consuming Mifeprex.
  • Read the contents of the drug and make sure you are not allergic to any of them.
  • Any IUD in place must be removed before taking the abortion pills.
  • Make sure you have a prescription before you buy Mifeprex online.
  • If the vaginal bleeding is severe which means if you soak more than 2 pads within 2 hours and the bleeding does not get slowed down then inform your medical practitioner immediately.
  • Avoid consumption of grapefruit juice to avoid any kind of side effects from the medicine.
  • Breastfeeding women should not take abortion pills as it can affect the baby’s health.

When is Mifeprex/Mifepristone not recommended?

Mifeprex/ Mifepristone is not recommended for women if she is pregnant for more than 56 days calculating from the last day of her period and other issues including:

  • If the woman has an allergy to Mifeprex or its components.
  • If a woman takes medicine on thinning blood or has bleeding issues.
  • If any woman has inserted any intra-uterine device (IUD. Make sure you remove the IUD before taking the abortion pills.
  • If a woman has contacted porphyria.
  • If a woman is having an ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the uterus).
  • If any woman is having issues with adrenal glands.
  • If a woman is recently cured long-term corticosteroid therapy with medications.
  • If a woman has a habit of smoking more than 10 cigarettes then she is not recommended to take Mifeprex.

What to do in case of Missed dose?

In case of a missed dose, you can take it as soon as you remember if the time is close to the dose you were supposed to take. And if you are near to your second dose then skip the dose you have missed.

Do not take an extra dose to cover the portion of the missed dose. If you continuously miss taking the dose then set an alarm that can remind you of the time of your dose or inform any family member to keep reminding you.

Do not change your dosage without consulting any medical expert.

However, in the case of Mifeprex, you will not miss any dose as it is the first pill but set a reminder if you are taking Misoprostol.

What to do in case of overdose?

To avoid any kind of overdose do not take more than the prescribed quantity. Taking more than prescribed will not improve the symptoms, but will lead to severe side effects or complications. If you feel that you have taken an overdose of Mifeprex then inform your medical expert or visit the emergency clinic immediately.

Do not suggest or give your medications to other people even if they are having a similar problem or if you doubt they have the same conditions. It can lead to overdose and it may not work in the same manner for others.

For more details about the product and how to buy abortion pills, you can consult our live chat expert.

Where to store the Mifeprex pill?

The Mifeprex abortion pill is recommended to store at normal room temperature (i.e below 25 degrees) away from heat or sunlight.

Women should buy Mifeprex online from a genuine pharmacy and they should check the expiry after the delivery and then only consume the pills.

It is recommended to keep the abortion pills away from the children.

It is also recommended to go through the reviews and confirm if suit your purpose and then buy Mifeprex abortion pills.

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